Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials - BryanBryan received an effective whitening treatment for a brighter smile.

“Dr. Padolsky is conveniently nearby in Midtown Atlanta. I have found Dr. Padolsky and his staff to be friendly and professional and my dental procedures have been quick. He did a great job assessing and addressing my dental needs.

“Since I have been seeing Dr. Padolsky, I have had more compliments on my smile.”



Patient Testimonials - BrookeBrooke’s professional cleanings have given her a healthier smile.

“Dr. Padolsky is always very welcoming, friendly and helpful. He makes me feel comfortable during each visit. I never dread coming to see ‘the dentist.’ He is thorough and keeps my smile healthy and bright.

”The Atlanta Dental Group is convenient, professional and awesome.”



Patient Testimonials - IrajDental implants have improved Iraj’s ability to chew his food.

“My implant process was complex, as I did not have any lower teeth. The purpose of the implants was so the dentures could sit on top firmly. Dr. Padolsky was patient and methodical and he made the procedure as easy as possible.

“I have been using the services of The Atlanta Dental Group for over 10-years, having received an upper partial in addition to lower implants. I am impressed with Dr. Padolsky’s skills as a dentist; he is a combination of a doctor and an artist.

“The professionalism of his friendly staff, combined with Dr. Padolsky’s expertise makes this practice one of the few ones I’d want to come back to.”



Patient Testimonials - MaxMax got “deluxe” emergency treatment from Dr. Padolsky and his staff.

“When I came to see Dr. Padolsky, my face was the size of New Jersey! He and his staff truly care. I now enjoy smiling again.”



Patient Testimonials - CindyDr. Padolsky took care of Cindy’s dental emergency and gave her a complete restoration that she is pleased with.

“I would recommend this practice to anyone. I’ve been pleased with all aspects of my experience here from the initial treatment planning through all the procedures I received for my complete restoration. I’ve never had a dentist that I was comfortable with until now. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Padolsky and his staff. Everyone here is extremely professional and courteous. I feel completely at ease when being treated at The Atlanta Dental Group.

“My experience with Dr. Padolsky has been life-altering. I’m much happier, have greater confidence, and I’m more comfortable in social settings than I’ve been in years.”



Patient Testimonials - SharonSharon feels she has a true partnership with The Atlanta Dental Group.

“I’ve been coming here since June 1990, and from the very first visit I knew that Dr. Padolsky would be my dentist for life. Dr. Padolsky listens to his patients and when you say ‘ouch,’ he acknowledges your pain. Over the last 24 years, I’ve had crowns, fillings, root canals and many, many cleanings.

“The staff is friendly and helpful. Everyone is honest and truthful about your dental care. My dental care has been spectacular. I’m a firm believer in good dental health because that equates to good health care!

“In March 2012, Dr. Padolsky discovered a change in my teeth. I had lost a lot of bone density in my jaw. He explained how important it was for me to go to my medical doctor and he checked it out. My vitamin D levels were extremely low and a mass was discovered in my ovaries.

“Fortunately, because I have been coming for regular dental cleanings the medical problem had only existed for 6 months. The end result was that I had a total hysterectomy. If it weren’t for Dr. Padolsky seeing the changes in my dental health and recommending that I see my medical doctor, the ovarian cyst would not have been discovered for at least another year.

“Good dental care led to the discovery of a medical condition long before the medical community would have found it. I am grateful to The Atlanta Dental Group for their years of dedicated care and for helping me to have a healthy body because they chose to partner with me in my belief that ‘a healthy mouth makes for a healthy body.’”



Patient Testimonials - MayahMayah got her cracked tooth repaired and can now chew without sensitivity.

“Mayah was laughing after her anesthesia shot because she thought it was going to hurt, but it wasn’t so bad. The “Treasure Box” was her favorite part of her visit to the office.

Mayah’s cracked tooth was fixed and her hygienist did a good job cleaning her teeth. Mayah also received some fillings and now she is cavity-free!


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