Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. Padolsky is highly trained in the use of the latest advanced dental technology to treat your condition more efficiently, comfortably and effectively. He keeps up to date with the latest procedures, techniques and technologies.

By using the latest technologies, Atlanta Dental can offer our patients the best care possible. Technology is constantly evolving and these treatments are some of the ways we are offering patients the latest in advanced dental technology.

The Latest Technologies For Our Patients

Advanced dental Technology Electrosurgery for gum recontouring and treating periodontal disease

Dr. Padolsky uses Electrosurgery technology for cosmetic gum recontouring. The cutting is done with a very low electrical current which minimizes any bleeding and is virtually pain-free. This newer technology provides excellent, quick, precision sculpting. He also uses it for treating periodontal disease (gum infection) to clean-out any bacteria under the gum line.

Advanced Technology

Laser therapy for treating periodontal disease

For Periodontitis (gum disease) treatment, Dr. Padolsky will also use a minimally invasive diode laser, targeting only disease-infected gum tissue, leaving healthy gum tissue untouched. The result is a faster healing time and eventual regrowth of lost gum tissue. The gum pocket depth is also reduced.

Laser gum disease treatment is much more comfortable and less painful than traditional surgery done with a scalpel. Recovery time is much quicker, and the use of this technology also reduces the chance of re-infection.

Advanced Technology3D cone beam scanner

Some complex dental problems may be hidden or not so obvious to see. Dr. Padolsky uses a 3D cone beam scanner to find the location of the problem area in a patient’s mouth with great accuracy and precision. The scanner aids him in planning such procedures as dental implants or locating bone loss. After the scan is completed, Dr. Padolsky processes the data with special software where he can see and manipulate the image in crisp, detailed 3-dimensional form.

Advanced Technology - CEREC

CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) for one-visit crowns

Patients can receive their crowns in just one visit with CEREC, a high-tech 3D system used to design and make a crown during an in-office visit. Dr. Padolsky uses CEREC for most of his patients who need crowns.

Advanced Technology

Intraoral camera

Dr. Padolsky uses an intraoral camera (a tiny video camera the size of a pen) to capture crisp, detailed images inside your mouth. You can view the images on a computer monitor so that you and Dr. Padolsky can see any problem areas in your mouth including tooth decay, cracked teeth, bleeding gums and plaque.

Advanced Technology - Extraoral Camera

Extraoral camera

We use a digital SLR camera to take before and after photos of your smile. This is especially useful for our orthodontic patients who may need to have their teeth straightened, or may be planning other cosmetic procedures. In addition, we can get highly detailed images of cracks or fissures in teeth.

Advanced TechnologyPanoramic dental X-rays show the big picture

The panoramic X-ray is a machine that moves around your head to capture X-ray images of your entire mouth, your teeth, your upper and lower jaws and surrounding tissues. It covers a wider area than other types of X-rays and will also capture images of your sinuses and gums. Dr. Padolsky uses this technology as a diagnostic tool to plan treatment for dentures, braces, extractions and implants.

Advanced Technology - Digital X-raysLow-radiation digital X-rays

Digital X-rays use up to 90% less radiation than film X-rays and there is no waiting for them to be developed. Because the X-ray machine is connected to a computer, the images can be viewed almost instantly on a computer monitor. The clarity of the X-ray is sharp and detailed and allows Dr. Padolsky to see problems such as small cavities.

Advanced TechnologyUltrasonic scaler for comfortable, thorough cleanings

Tartar and plaque are enemies to your teeth and gums and can cause gum disease if not effectively removed. Our gentle hygienist uses an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque from your teeth. It produces sound waves that break up tartar and plaque. The ultrasonic scaler will also effectively remove tartar and plaque from under the gum line.

Advanced Technology - Ultrasonic ScalerSimplant 3D planning software for dental implants

Dr. Padolsky uses Simplant 3D planning software to thoroughly plan out your implant placement prior to beginning surgery. The software allows Dr. Padolsky to choose the right type of implant for the patient and their situation, giving a better fit and results.

Advanced TechnologyRotary files

A rotary file is a high-tech electronic handpiece that Dr. Padolsky uses while performing root canal therapy. It is very flexible and can be inserted into a curved root canal without causing any trauma or damage. The rotary file will clean-out the infected pulp quickly and efficiently. It is also quieter than manual files which makes for a more comfortable experience for patients.

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