Our Advanced Dental Technology

The medical disciplines, including dentistry, have benefited greatly from modern technology. Lasers, digital imaging, computer software and electronics have all played a significant role in making treatment faster, more precise and minimally invasive. Dr. Padolsky is an Atlanta dentist who has incorporated many of the latest developments in dental technology to give his patients the most efficient and gentle care possible.

For diagnostics, Dr. Padolsky takes digital X-rays, a major advance over traditional film X-rays. Digital X-ray devices emit only a fraction of the radiation generated by film X-ray machines. The digital images are also clearer than film X-rays and can be magnified for close scrutiny of small areas. Digital X-rays additionally have no real processing time. The images are available in seconds.

Dr. Padolksy also uses the most advanced development in dental diagnostics, the cone beam 3D CT scanner. The scanner executes a series of digital X-rays taken in a complete circle around the patient’s head. These images are computer-processed into crisp 3D 360 degree views of the patient’s teeth, jawbone and surrounding anatomy. 3D imaging provides minute detail that is unavailable in two-dimensional Xrays, and is a vital tool for precision planning of dental implants and other treatments.

Another advanced tool Dr. Padolsky employs is a dental laser. With the laser, Dr. Padolsky is able to treat gum disease effectively without the use of a scalpel. The laser beam affects only the diseased gum tissue being removed and does not affect any surrounding healthy tissue.

The laser also helps kill the disease-causing bacteria and disinfects the tissue as it works. Treatment with the laser is more comfortable and faster-healing than treatment with a scalpel.

Another replacement for a scalpel is the electrosurgery device. Gum tissue is sculpted with a tiny electrical current. The current seals the tissue as it works, creates almost no bleeding and is practically pain-free. It is used to recontour a gum line or as an additional tool to clean out gum infection.

Even dental cleanings have become more comfortable and more thorough due to modern technology. Traditional cleanings have been done with hand instruments that scrape the accumulated plaque and tartar (hardened deposits of plaque) off the teeth. They are still used occasionaly, but the majority of the work is now done with an ultrasonic scaler.

The ultrasonic scaler uses high-frequency vibrations to gently break up these deposits. The vibrations also serve to break the cell walls of the bacteria, thus killing them. Ultrasonic cleaning is more gentle on the teeth and the scaler’s strength can be adjusted for patient comfort.

These are just some of the high-tech tools Dr. Padolsky uses to provide treatment that is comfortable, minimally invasive and fast-healing. In a separate article, we’ll tell you about a revolutionary new technology that allows you to now receive a dental crown in one visit. And as you have probably guessed, Dr. Padolsky is an Atlanta dentist who can do just that.