What Are Your Options if You Are Missing Teeth?

Dental technology for replacing missing teeth has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years. Many Atlanta dentists can provide the time-honored traditional solutions, but it takes extensive extra training and experience to be able to expertly provide the full range of newly available options.

Dr. Mark Padolsky is an Atlanta dentist who has been in practice since 1982. He has made it a priority to keep up with the latest in technologies so he can give his patients the best that dentistry has to offer. One of his areas of special expertise is the replacement of missing teeth.

Let’s take a look at what options you now have that Dr. Padolsky can deliver.

Of course, the long-standing solution for a missing tooth is a dental bridge. A bridge is a connected series of dental crowns used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth, and the crowns on each end of the bridge need to be placed over the teeth adjacent to the gap so the bridge is firmly anchored.

This involves the shaving down of the teeth on each end of the gap so the bridge can be cemented onto them. Dr. Padolsky is very precise in his preparation of your bridge so as much of your natural tooth structure is preserved and the bridge rests upon a strong foundation. He also makes the bridge out of the highest quality materials that are both durable and aesthetic, and meticulously fabricates the bridge so it fits perfectly in your bite and blends seamlessly with your other teeth.

And of course, if you are missing several teeth in a row or all of your teeth, Dr. Padolsky can provide top-quality partial and full dentures that fit very comfortably and look very lifelike.

But there are and always have been drawbacks to these solutions, no matter how well they are made or fitted. Bridges compromise the teeth that have been ground down and this can lead to future decay or fracture. And bridges only last an average of ten years.

Dentures have improved markedly over the years, but they do not prevent the bone loss that occurs in the jaw as a natural result of having missing teeth. This causes the denture to lose its fit over and over, requiring multiple relines and replacements. And dentures only provide a fraction of the chewing power of real teeth, denying you the ability to eat many of the foods you need for proper nutrition.

The major development that has changed the game in terms of tooth replacement is the dental implant. An implant is a titanium post that is placed in the jaw to act as an artificial replacement for a missing tooth. It serves as the foundation for a new replacement tooth and is as strong as a real tooth. Dental implants can be placed to replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth in a row or an entire arch of missing teeth.

With dental-implant supported replacement teeth (which includes individual crowns, bridges and even a full-arch set of new teeth), chewing power is restored to near that of natural teeth, bone loss in the jaw is prevented, and the implants normally last a lifetime with proper care.

Dr. Padolsky is an Atlanta dentist that can provide the entire range of implant services. If you come to our office, you can discuss your options with him and decide which option would be best for you. Dr. Padolsky always makes sure to completely explain the pros and cons of each option so you know what to expect. And he will always answer any questions you have so you are certain about your options and are comfortable.

So come in and see Dr. Padolsky for a comprehensive exam, and find out what can be done for your lost teeth. All you have to lose…is the gap in your smile.