Gentle Tooth extractions in Atlanta

Reasons for tooth extractions

Dr. Padolsky strives to save teeth whenever possible, but it may be necessary to extract teeth under certain circumstances.

  • Damaged tooth –  if a tooth is too damaged or decayed to be saved, an extraction may be recommended
  • Implant placement – one or more teeth may need to be extracted to allow the placement of a single implant or other dental restoration
  • Crowded teeth – if there is not enough space for all of your teeth, one or more teeth may require extraction as part of an overall orthodontic treatment plan
  • Wisdom teeth – when wisdom teeth (the last set of molars) cannot break through the gum or there is not enough room for them, they may require extraction
    read more about wisdom tooth extraction

Minimally invasive tooth extractions
Dr. Padolsky has many years of experience in oral surgery and is highly skilled at tooth extractions. Dr. Padolsky performs gentle and minimally invasive extractions using advanced techniques. He can quickly extract teeth with little to no discomfort and with no damage to the surrounding teeth and tissues.

Keeping you comfortable during your visit
Dr. Padolsky and our staff do our utmost to ensure you are kept comfortable throughout your visits. First, Dr. Padolsky will numb your mouth to make the injections as comfortable and painless as possible. After the tooth and gum are completely numb, he will gently and quickly extract your tooth. Once the tooth extraction procedure is complete, stitches are placed to ensure proper healing of the gum.

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